Yankees please DFA this Pickle, please!

I´ve talked alot about Sonny Gray, first I was a true believer that he could be in the race for the Cy Young, I mean, he has the stuff and the backup to do it. Then I went from that to put him in the stinky basement, a place where you just throw out things you can’t get rid of but you just can’t stand their presence, then a renewed hope arose just to see it crash and made me want to scream at him. It reminded me of what my Tia Lupe used to scream at bad singers in those Singing Contests “SAQUEN ESA MIERDA CON UN PALO”, which translate to something like: remove that shit with a stick***. Yes I know, that’s not very polite, but a “kriffing” roller coaster of emotions this guy brings, and that’s not cool Pickle, not cool at all.

The opportunities have been there for The Pickle and one after another he has managed to throw them to the garbage. The guy does not pitch well even in front of his people, he possesses a plus 7 ERA at home. Against Boston, he got the opportunity to shine in front of the fans at Yankee Stadium, giving them the pleasure to win again against their bitter rivals after a “macaniza” – when you score a lot of runs via barreled balls- a day before. But no, that’s not in this Pickle juice, what’s in him is to welcome the Red Sucks with a red carpet and provide them with 6 runs in 2 innings. Bravo Pickle, bravo!

Last outing was no better. He faced the Blue Jays and the result was no different. He gave up 5 earned runs in 2 innings, REALLY! Man you know how battered the bullpen is and you just can’t handle the Blue Jays for more that 2 innings? Really? I cant take it anymore. This guy needs to go, and now.

I know Aaron Boone has been patient with guys who struggle. He has done it with Giancarlo, Neil Walker, Chasen Shreve, Greg Bird, Gardy and Aaron Hicks, but just a few of them have come back with good results, and I honestly don’t think Gray is gonna do it.

So, what do you think the Yankees are waiting for to send this guy down to AAA or DFA him? If you ask me, if possible (contract issues), I´ll send him down to the minors, let him put his shit together and bring up Justus Sheffield, let’s see what comes from that. Maybe it works, maybe Sheffield is the answer to all our prayers, maybe the Pickle can find his juice again and become that No 2 or 3 starter we so desperately need, but maybe he won’t, and if that happens, let’s put that Pickle back in his jar of vinegar and throw him to the shelf where he belongs.

Sheffield has a 2.43 ERA, 88 SO/36 BB in AAA this year


*** I just want to make myself clear here. Im not trying to offend anyone, that is an expression that, graphically, can be translated, like when in cartoons, a big hook appears on stage to remove a bad singer off of it.

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Apasionado del buen béisbol y del buen fútbol. Fan de los Yankees, del Real Madrid y de los mundos de Westeros y esa galaxia muy muy lejana. Esposo y padre de 2 maravillosas y hermosas niñas (que afortunadamente sacaron a su madre)

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