The New York Yankees and the Birdie situation

What should the Yankees do? Thats a question we have after every bad performance from one of the players.

Bottom of the tenth, Didi opens the inning with a single and Stanton is next. He
can’t do much, he struck out on a bad pitch. Then comes the man on fire, Aaron
Hicks, and he delivers. Hicks drives the ball deep in the park and the ball is gone,
unfortunately, yes that’s right, I did not make a mistake, I did say the ball was gone
and that was a bad thing for the Yankees, because if that ball stays in the field Didi
would´ve scored easily and the game would´ve finished there. That was not the
case. Still we have RISP with just one out and with Miguel “Papá” Andujar on
deck. I already was celebrating the W. BIG MISTAKE!
Andujar gets the intentional walk and Greg Bird is on deck, LHP to face a
“Zurdo” (lefty). I thought that Boone would put Brandon Drury as PH. Why was
he called if not to face this situations? I was wrong for the second time in less than
5 minutes. I don’t know what Boone was thinking, letting Bird face a lefty when he
has an AVG of .200. Yes, he is a good batter and lately he has “looked good”, but
not that good to face a LHP in a winning situation. Yesterday was Drury´s
opportunity and he didn’t get it. But ok, there´s something that Bird can do, he can
get a hit, a fly to the OF, a soft ground ball, anything but NO, what did Birdie do,
he struck out with a fastball. Then Romine comes and he strikes out as well, end of
the inning with 2 RISP and nothing.

Austin-Romine (1).jpg
Ok Mr Row Row

I won´t talk about what happened later, it doesn´t matter, we lost. But what is
starting to worry me is the blind trust that Boone puts on the Bird. He is batting .
198 now with 5 HR in 117 AB. Sure he went deep twice against Boston, but
generally speaking, there have been too many lost opportunities by the Bird to
continue to have faith in him on life or death situations.
I admit it, I bought the Yankee speech that Bird can be one of the best hitters in
MLB, but we have had 2 years of this already and patience, like my money on the
weekend, tends to disappear.

I´m not asking to put him down (to AAA not like a rabid dog) or to trade him.
Personally, I believe that he is a good hitter that has a lot to give to the team, but
right now he is not delivering. Having a batter that can hit from the right side
available on the bench, why not give Drury the opportunity? Why trust someone
that is not good right now? That’s what I didn’t understand about that game, but
that’s how baseball is.

The reality is that the New York Yankees have a first basemen problem. Their
numbers (Bird and Walker) are not what you would expect from that specific
position on the Bronx Bombers team. Birds WAR is 0.2 and Walker -1.1, WTF!!!!
Taking that in consideration and adding that first base should be a major production
position, we can see that both are below average, they are even in “bench”
numbers, we just cannot accept that, not with the Yankees.

Ok you wiseass, so what should the Yankees do? (you might be asking right now)

Well, to start, I think Neil Walker is just occupying a space on the team, even in the
dugout. He has a contract for 4 million dollars and he´s so far away from
delivering what he is worth so he either is sent down to the minors (if it’s possible)
or DFA. Let’s give Drury a chance who can fill all the positions that Walker can.
Let Drury hit against LHP and Bird the RHP, that way we can give Bird the time he
needs to get his timing. Let him face only comfortable RHP so he can gain some
momentum and trust, who knows maybe it works. The thing is that it can´t get any
worse for the team, not with the absent production of actual first basemen.
Who knows, maybe this is what the team needs to get better (yeah that’s possible).
And after a while, if the organizations just cease to see what they once saw, well
then Bye Bye Birdie!

Give this man a chance already



*I want to thank my brother in law and compadre Sean, for helping me on this

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Apasionado del buen béisbol y del buen fútbol. Fan de los Yankees, del Real Madrid y de los mundos de Westeros y esa galaxia muy muy lejana. Esposo y padre de 2 maravillosas y hermosas niñas (que afortunadamente sacaron a su madre)

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  1. So cool … and l’m not talking about the fact the yankees lost, l’m talking about that now more people can enjoy this cool and entertainment blogs 👊🏽

    You are awesome BRO

    Love you 😘

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